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Metamorphosis Volume 29 (1)

Williams, M.C. (Editor)

The first part of the printed version of Volume 29 of Metamorphosis, for the year 2018, consists of 82 pages and contains the editorial pages and 13 articles and notes published on the website of Metamorphosis,

The Metamorphosis publications featured in the first part of Volume 29 include four taxonomic articles in which descriptions of one new genus, 10 new species and one new subspecies for Afrotropical Lepidoptera are given. A number of taxa were also synonymised or had their status reviewed. A new subspecies of Cymothoe fumana was described by Pyrcz & Sáfián. Mey erected a new genus, Dukearbela for a member of the family Metarbelidae from South Africa. Edge described a new species of Cooksonia (Poritiinae). Finally, Nuponnen described eight new species in the family Scythridae.

Two articles contain comprehensive checklists - of a Ugandan National Park (by Forbes) and of the north-eastern area of the DRC (by Ducarme); and a shorter article with additions to the fauna of Benin (Tchibozo). The remaining six articles deal with various aspects of behaviour, life histories and ecological interactions of Lepidoptera.

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