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Metamorphosis Volume 29 (2)

Williams, M.C. (Editor)

The second part of the printed version of Volume 29 of Metamorphosis, for the year 2018, consists of 88 pages and contains two obituaries and 8 articles and notes published on the website of Metamorphosis,

The Metamorphosis publications featured in the second part of Volume 29 include four taxonomic articles in which descriptions of five new species and one new subspecies for Afrotropical Lepidoptera are given. A new species of Lepidochryspos is described by Gardiner & Espeland; three new species of Liptena  are described by Libert & Collins; a new species of Junonia by Sáfián; and a new species of Papilio pelodurus by Bayliss et al. 

There are two articles dealing with various aspects of the behaviour, life histories and ecological interactions of Lepidoptera, and articles describing the Chrysodeixis of St Helena, and further observations on Mauritian Lepidoptera.

Each: R160.00

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